NXF call out to support GCN- Donate to Ireland’s LGBT+ community media

The National Gay & Lesbian Federation (NXF) are making an urgent appeal for support for GCN (Gay Community News). The appeal comes as we all try and get to grips with the challenges posed by the coronavirus which has impacted significantly on every facet of life.

GCN, like so many other organisations has been impacted by this global pandemic, and now more than ever support is needed for this incredible LGBT + community media which has been operating since 1988.

Please take the time to consider making a contribution to GCN and becoming a supporter by clicking on the huge purple donate button on our site! and checking out the many ways you can support our LGBT+ media.

Despite the huge challenges posed by this global pandemic and the many measures that have been implemented, GCN are still continuing to keep the community engaged and informed, realising now more than ever, that it is a time to pull together- albeit from a remote distance.

The brilliant team at GCN led by Managing Editor Lisa Connell are currently managing the website and creating daily content remotely for the safety of the GCN team They will continue working with all community stakeholders in these challenging weeks to ensure that GCN can offer a voice for the community, about the community and by the community. The daily website, social media channels and online presence is busier than ever and will be their continued focus in the coming weeks so please make sure you are subscribed and following all the happenings! Please make sure to get online and follow all the relevant channels!

In a message issued by GCN, Lisa Connell took the opportunity to assure all that GCN;

Remain committed to bringing LGBT+ news and information to you all, now more than ever. As a registered charity with a not-for-profit business model, it is integral that we continue as much of our work as we can and we’ll be working with clients on a raft of digital solutions for their businesses on GCN.ie. To all of our LGBT+ organisations, groups and community services around the country, to all of those in frontline services and first responders, to all the staff keeping shelves stocked and all those looking out for their families and neighbours in these trying times, and to all of you, dear readers, we stand with you and will work with you to get our LGBT+ family and country through this as safely as possible. We plan to keep you all empowered, educated and uplifted during this difficult time. GCN remains your national LGBT+ press”.

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Launch of new resource guide for Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming community in higher education

A resource guide providing information, advice, considerations, and reference materials for the inclusion and protection of the Trans*, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming community in higher education, as well as for the larger LGBTQIA+ community is now available to download.

Based in part on survey data gathered from gender minority students in Irish third-level education, it is intended for readers both new to and well-versed in gender diversity issues.

The resource guide covers topics ranging from student housing and PhD supervision to inclusive language and campus health services while attempting to take an inter sectional approach.

This work stems from a collaborative project between the NXF, Transgender Equality Network Ireland, and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit.

About the authors

Dr. Chris Chevallier is a graduate of American University, Stockholm University, and Trinity College Dublin, currently affiliated with the NXF in Ireland as a project leader and research scientist specialising in gender minority issues.

Chris has a background in political science and historical geography, with a focus on Geographical Information Systems and mixed methods research. Since 2018, Chris has worked with Dr Susan Murphy (Trinity College Dublin) and Dr Conor Buggy (NXF/University College Dublin) to further gender minority rights in education and broader society alongside NGO and educational partners.

Dr. Conor Buggy is an Assistant Professor in Occupational and Environmental Studies at the UCD Centre for Safety and Health at Work. Conor teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students in UCD as well as at TCD as an Adjunct Lecturer. Conor is an award-winning teacher in UCD and has been heavily involved in Equality Diversity and Inclusion initiatives at UCD including the development of their award-winning Gender Identity and Expression Policy and Guidelines and the development of inclusive curricula across programmes and disciplines.

He is currently co-chair of the UCD LGBTI Staff Network. Conor’s primary social research interest lies in the impact education and training has on organisations and society to promote behavioural change as well as research into the health and wellbeing of the LGBTI community in Ireland. Conor has also been part of the research team with the NXF since 2018.

To download click on Resource Guide